Lego Unveils Two New Sets for Animal Crossing

Lego has announced that it will be adding two more sets to its Animal Crossing collection on August 1, 2024. The new sets will be recreations of Animal Crossing’s Dodo Airlines Dock and Town Hall.

Some of the characters featured in the new sets include Tangy, Audie, and KK Slider. The partnership between Lego and Nintendo has been successful, with the Mario sets enjoying massive popularity since their introduction in 2020.

With the second-best-selling Switch game being Animal Crossing, it was a natural step for Lego to create sets based on this game. The debut Animal Crossing Lego sets were released last month, and the collection will be expanded upon this summer with the addition of two new sets.

These new sets will feature Minifigures of characters like KK Slider, who will be getting his own figure for the first time. However, it’s worth noting that these Minifigures will not sing or move, as clarified in a disclaimer at the bottom of the teaser video.

One of the new sets will be modeled after Animal Crossing’s Town Hall and will seemingly include a KK Minifigure. The set will also feature Isabelle and Audie, with the former potentially receiving her second Minifigure.

The second set shown off is a Lego recreation of the Dodo Airlines dock, with a Tangy Minifigure seen welcoming the plane piloted by a Wilbur Minifigure. With the addition of these new sets, Lego’s Animal Crossing range will expand from five sets to seven.

The prices of the new sets have not yet been revealed, but the current Animal Crossing sets range from $14.99 to $74.99. In addition to the new Animal Crossing sets, Lego has announced Mario Kart sets coming in 2025, and there are rumors of a potential Legend of Zelda set being announced soon.

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