Limited Edition Pikachu in Batik Shirt Card Revealed by Pokémon

The latest Pokemon card is creating a buzz, similar to the previous Van Gogh promo card that caused a stir and led to a low-level riot at the artist’s museum in Amsterdam. The new card features Pikachu in a batik shirt, a traditional Indonesian clothing item that utilizes wax in its manufacturing process.

This unique outfit has sparked excitement among fans. The card is part of Pikachu’s Indonesia Journey and will be available throughout Indonesia this year.

Additionally, the card is an extension of a partnership that produced a Pikachu-themed airplane, which has been traveling around Asia. In response to the previous card’s popularity, Pokemon has printed 100,000 of the new Pikachu cards in the Netherlands to meet demand and curb exorbitant resale prices.

However, specific details about the card’s availability have not been shared yet. On another note, fans are eagerly anticipating Pokemon Day, which could potentially bring announcements regarding the series’ future developments.

As of now, there have been no indications of upcoming releases, with all of Scarlet & Violet’s DLC having been already launched. The upcoming Pokemon Day on February 27 may offer insights into what’s next for the Pokemon series, although it might align with Nintendo’s plans, possibly involving the unveiling of its Switch successor.

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