Looking Forward to Games Has Become Too Difficult

Delayed game releases and long development cycles can dampen the enthusiasm for upcoming games. As the waiting times continue to extend, there could be a resurgence of shorter games.

In the past, the internet was a simpler and more utopian place, but gaming lacks a clear replacement for that era. Expectations for games like Half Life 3 have dwindled, and even other highly anticipated games are losing their hype.

As GTA 6 and Silksong approach release, there is a void in the gaming community for the next big, meme-worthy title. The current atmosphere is marked by cynicism and a desire for instant gratification.

It’s evident that the gaming industry cannot sustain itself if major releases take six years or more to develop. While indie games may fill the void for players, the pressure on studios to deliver successful titles leads to longer development times and potentially inferior games.

The decline of hype and chatter surrounding upcoming games indicates a shift in the gaming landscape. The lack of anticipation for new releases signifies the end of an era in gaming.

With games taking years to materialize and enduring multiple delays, the era of eagerly awaiting That One Big Game has given way to a collective wait for all games. This transition to patiently waiting for game releases raises questions about the purpose and significance of the gaming experience.

Additionally, the future of eagerly awaiting and hyping up new games appears uncertain, as games like Silksong mark the end of an era and the beginning of an era of patient waiting. In Silksong, players assume the role of the protagonist battling through a bug-infested kingdom.

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