Making Bread in Manor Lords: A Step-by-Step Guide

Manor Lords is a game that involves explaining settlements, claiming territories, and defeating bandits in order to achieve victory. It is essential to take care of the villagers residing in your land, ensuring they have a food source, with bread being a practical option. For those seeking more Medieval or survival experiences, there are other games that provide a similar feel to Medieval Dynasty. In this guide, we will focus on how to make bread in Manor Lords, covering growing wheat, milling the grain, and turning it into bread.

To start farming wheat, one must access the construction menu and navigate to the ‘Farming’ tab where the farming field option allows players to manually set an area of land within their territory to be farmland. Additionally, crop type and rotation can be selected. It’s advisable to fallow fields occasionally to restore soil fertility. After placing the wheat field, players will need to build a farmhouse adjacent to the field placement section in the ‘Farming’ tab of the construction menu, starting with at least two families.

The next step involves turning the harvested wheat into grain. To perform this task, the threshing priority at the farmhouse needs to be increased. Additionally, the grain must be turned into flour using the Windmill, and then bread is made using the communal oven, both found in the ‘Farming’ menu. While bread is a great food option for villagers, having other food sources available is essential to level up burgage plots, which require multiple nearby amenities.

It is important to remain vigilant as bandits can steal items at any point during the bread-making process, so clearing out their camps is recommended.

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