Max Payne 1 + 2 Remake to Begin Full Production in Q2 2024

Remedy has given an update on the progress of several of its projects. The company has confirmed that work on Max Payne has resulted in “higher development fees” across the board. This progress suggests that a remake of Max Payne may be on the horizon. Additionally, Remedy has provided updates on two Control games.

Codename Condor, a live service game set in the Control universe, has entered full production, while a direct Control sequel, titled Control 2, is expected to enter production readiness soon. Remedy has also expressed concern that the lack of commercial success for Alan Wake 2 could discourage the industry from making similar games in the future. There is good news for Alan Wake fans, as Remedy is still working on DLC to extend the experience of Alan Wake 2. While there’s no mention of a sequel, given the time gap between the first two games, this is not unexpected.

On the other hand, Codename Kestrel is still in the concept stage, likely due to its recent shift from a free-to-play release to a premium game. It remains to be seen whether Remedy will reveal more about Codename Kestrel in the coming year. With two projects entering full production, the studio has its hands full and is expected to provide more details on Max Payne, Codename Condor, and the Alan Wake 2 DLC before any further announcements are made.

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