Monopoly GO! Dice Links – Daily Updates

Monopoly GO! is a gacha-style adaptation of the classic board game available for smartphones, offering the option to purchase dice for progression.

However, alternative methods for unlocking the game’s primary means of progression are also available, including the use of Dice Links. These links, provided by the game’s developers, Scopely, are released daily across various social media platforms and can be clicked to receive rolls.

A recent update on April 25th, 2024 included two new Dice Links and the removal of expired ones. With the conclusion of the Peg-E event, a new event is expected to follow soon.

The expiration of the Dice Links within a few days has been noted and is more frequent recently, prompting regular checks and monthly resets of the expired links section. To redeem the Dice Links in Monopoly GO!, users can open the links on their cell phones and follow the prompts to claim the gifts.

It’s important to note that if a message indicates that the code has already expired, it cannot be claimed. For those looking to find more Dice Links in the game, Scopely releases codes through their social media platforms such as Facebook and Discord.

Alternatively, users can follow a dedicated page for regular updates on new Dice Links and the removal of expired ones.

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