Monopoly Go: Reef Rush – Every Reward and Milestone

Events and tournaments in Monopoly Go present a great opportunity for players to rapidly expand their empires and accumulate wealth. These events, which offer exciting rewards, occur frequently. The most recent event, Reef Rush, promises enjoyment for all participants over the weekend. Reef Rush introduces the Wild Sticker, a highly valuable item in Monopoly Go.

The tournament is set to begin on March 02, 2024 and will span two full days, allowing sufficient time for players to achieve all milestones and secure valuable prizes. A recent update on March 6, 2024 informed players that the Reef Rush tournament was reintroduced on March 05, 2024 and will be active for 24 hours. Players must invest time and effort into completing various milestones to accrue points in the Reef Rush tournament, with the main methods being landing on Railroad tiles and carrying out a Shutdown or Bank Heist. The number of points earned depends on performance in these activities and the Dice Multiplier, highlighting the importance of having a high multiplier.

Active participation in the Reef Rush tournament and achieving milestones can result in a multitude of rewards, including cash prizes, different Sticker Packs, and a total of 3,110 Free Dice Rolls. Players can also acquire Peg-E tokens, as the Peg-E Prize Drop minigame remains active. An updated guide as of December 4, 2024, provides a comprehensive list of all the rewards and milestones in the Reef Rush tournament, reflecting the latest changes.

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