Monopoly’s Habitat Heroes Reward and Milestone Program

Monopoly Go offers players the opportunity to engage in both solo and partner events. Solo events are individual challenges where players compete against themselves to achieve specific objectives and earn valuable rewards. These events typically have a duration that ranges from 1 to 3 days.

The newest solo event in Monopoly Go is the Habitat Heroes tournament, scheduled to launch on March 1, 2024, and will run for two days. The Habitat Heroes event focuses on growing plants and encourages the community to preserve and protect the environment. During the Habitat Heroes event, players can earn money and collect dice rolls and Peg-E tokens, which can be used in the Prize Drop minigame.

The ultimate reward for this event is 13,200 free dice rolls, which can be claimed upon completion of all 50 milestones. To earn points in the Habitat Heroes event, players need to collect fun pickups scattered across the Monopoly board. These pickups are special themed items that offer a set number of points each time a player lands on the respective tiles.

A collected pickup grants two points, but players can use a higher dice multiplier to earn more points. It is advisable for players to strategically use their dice rolls and save them for a clear path within reach of a Pickup tile.

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