MTG Universes Beyond Science Commander Deck from Fallout is Available for Purchase on Amazon

Fallout’s popularity is still going strong, despite the lack of a new game from Bethesda in six years. Fans are excited about the Amazon adaptation of the series, and they’re finding other ways to immerse themselves in the Fallout world. One such opportunity is through the Magic: The Gathering game, which recently added a Fallout-themed set to its Universes Beyond collection.

The set includes four commander decks, with the Science deck currently on sale for less than its usual price of $60. The Fallout-themed Science commander deck is especially appealing to fans due to its strong tie to the series’ lore, particularly its emphasis on science as a significant aspect of the Fallout universe. The 100-card deck features 38 new cards that introduce characters and elements from the Fallout series, making it a compelling option for both seasoned Magic players and newcomers alike.

Furthermore, this collaboration between Magic: The Gathering and Fallout is part of the Universes Beyond series, which has also seen crossovers with other popular franchises such as Dr. Who, Lord of the Rings, and Jurassic Park. Future collaborations, including one with Assassin’s Creed, are also in the works, adding even more excitement for fans of both Magic and these beloved franchises. Overall, the Fallout-themed Science commander deck offers a unique opportunity for fans to delve deeper into the post-nuclear world of the Fallout series through the Magic: The Gathering game, and it represents just one of the many exciting crossovers taking place in the world of TCGs.

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