MultiVersus Developer Teases Exciting Announcement for This Week

The video game MultiVersus made an unceremonious exit last year but is now making a comeback for a fresh start. Fans have felt let down due to the absence of new character reveals and lack of updates.

However, there is hope as the developer has teased some exciting news to be announced in the next few days. Despite the potential for excitement, it is important to remember the past disappointment from the re-reveal and the absence of new characters.

It is advisable to manage expectations. The recent tweets from MultiVersus’ Community Manager suggest the likelihood of a significant announcement for the game, hinting at potential news after the upcoming NHL game.

Speculation is rife among fans about the nature of the announcement – some anticipate the introduction of an ice hockey mode, while others expect the reveal of a new character. The exact nature of the announcement remains unclear until April 14, but many are anticipating the confirmation of the next new character, with Joker being a strong contender.

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