Nexus Mods experienced downtime due to Fallout.

Nexus Mods experienced downtime today due to the increased popularity of the Fallout show, leading to a surge in game sales and mod downloads for Fallout 4 and New Vegas. The demand for mods exceeded the website’s capacity, causing it to crash. The Fallout show’s success on Prime Video is a major factor in the increased game sales and subsequent high demand for mods, which the website could not handle. Users attempting to access Nexus Mods are encountering a message from the site team, attributing the outages to the Fallout TV series’ popularity.

The team is working to manage the increased traffic and is monitoring the network’s performance while deploying additional resources. Despite efforts to address the issue, ongoing high demand is likely to cause further problems for the website over the weekend. The surge in Fallout game sales has led to a corresponding increase in mod usage, particularly for fixing bugs and adding new content to the games. Both Fallout 4 and New Vegas are experiencing the highest levels of both gameplay and modding activity.

Fallout 4’s modern action RPG experience and New Vegas’ slightly older-school RPG mechanics make them popular choices for modding. The author notes that they have contributed to the problem by installing mods for New Vegas, enhancing its visual appeal and incorporating fan-made quests. It is evident that the combination of the Fallout show’s popularity, increased game sales, and a growing modding community has overwhelmed Nexus Mods.

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