No Man’s Sky’s Omega Update brings extensive changes to Expeditions.

The latest update for No Man’s Sky, called the Omega update, has brought significant changes to the game, particularly to the Expeditions mode. The update, which is now available on PS5, introduces a complete overhaul to Expeditions. This update was teased by Hello Games founder Sean Murray using the omega symbol, a common practice before major updates for the game.

The patch notes for the update reveal that it introduces a new shared interstellar expedition, as well as a complete overhaul of the Expeditions mode. Additionally, it brings new on-planet missions and the ability to claim pirate freighters. One of the major frustrations with Expeditions was the need to restart each time, but the Omega update offers a new system that allows players to start with customized provisions, ships, and Multi-Tools, and promises exciting rewards upon completion.

In addition to these changes, the update also allows players to engage in combat with pirate freighters and board them to take control. This promises to make Expeditions a more thrilling and rewarding mode for players. The patch notes also mention the addition of new on-planet missions, including quests specific to different alien lifeforms’ climate, locale, and personality.

While the full patch notes for the Omega update have not been officially revealed by Hello Games yet, the update is already live for players. It’s only a matter of time before the complete details of the update are unveiled, providing players with more insight into the new features and improvements.

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