Overwatch Will Always Be Toxic Regardless of Blizzard’s Actions

Casual play often has lobbies defined by teams who don’t know how to play the objective or just want to experiment with heroes. The primary goal is to earn experience and have fun, rather than winning. At the start of a new season, I turned to competitive mode and had some initial success.

I mainly played Lucio and Moira, support heroes who can deal damage, control objectives, and heal teammates. However, things took a turn for the worse when we lost a game due to various factors beyond my control. The blame was unfairly placed on me, and the negative experience led me to avoid competitive play in Overwatch.

The toxic behavior of tryhards and the lack of constructive criticism have deterred me from diving deeper into the competitive scene. This negativity also spills over into other game modes, making the overall experience less enjoyable. Despite the game’s theme of diversity and acceptance, the online community often fails to uphold these values.

The competitive nature of the game, combined with the potential for bullying, has made me reconsider participating in competitive Overwatch. The toxic environment in competitive play has left a bad impression, and I am unsure if it is worth returning to. The game features a team size reduction to five and adds PvE elements to create faster and more action-oriented matches.

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