Paper Mario Remake Still Includes the Beloved Fire Emblem Toad Cameo

The long-awaited re-release of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door for the Nintendo Switch has sparked questions about whether all of the original content will be included or if it will be altered. This has caused fans to wonder about both significant elements, such as Vivian’s identity, and smaller details, like the Fire Emblem Toad.

In the original English release of the game, a Toad in Petalburg acted as a promotional tool for Fire Emblem on the Game Boy Advance. Concerns arose when the Toad was not seen in the footage of the remake, but a YouTube channel confirmed that it can still be encountered and engaged in the same conversation as in the original game.

Despite its presence in the remake, some fans find it odd that the Fire Emblem Toad has not been updated, especially considering the numerous Fire Emblem games released since the original. They had expected at least a small nod to the newer games, or perhaps an upgrade to a Nintendo Switch.

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