Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door Remake Offers GameCube Slip Cover as Pre-Order Bonus

Shared by Nintendeal, GameStop Canada’s Thousand-Year Door pre-order bonus is a slip cover that will make your copy of the remake look like the original GameCube version. This special edition slip cover is a full recreation of the original game’s cover, scaled so that it can be slipped inside your Switch case in place of the cover art that comes with the remake.

At the time of typing this, the retro slip cover is a GameStop Canada exclusive pre-order bonus. It is uncertain if it will be available at other retailers or US branches of GameStop.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is a remake of the well-loved RPG first released on the GameCube. The game turns 2D on its head and transforms Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom into paper.

The physical pre-order bonuses for previous Paper Mario games were exclusive to specific retailers, such as Walmart offering trading cards and themed scrunchies with pre-orders. As of now, only those who have pre-ordered through GameStop in Canada are guaranteed to receive the GameCube slip cover.

If rumors about Nintendo’s plans for a new console are true, Thousand-Year Door could be one of the last major first-party releases on the Switch. It is known that Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD will come after it, but beyond that, Nintendo’s future is shrouded in mystery.

The announcement of Pokemon Legends Z-A suggests it could potentially be an early or even a launch title for Nintendo’s next console.

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