Insert Coin releases new hoodie and jacket for The Last Of Us Collection.

Insert Coin has recently expanded its The Last Of Us collection by introducing two new items. One of the new additions is a replica of Joel’s iconic brown, fur-lined jacket from the game.

In addition, they have included a Fireflies hoodie to complement the existing range of items. For fans who enjoy cosplaying as their favorite video game characters, these items offer an exciting opportunity to recreate the look with precision.

However, for those who prefer a simpler approach to emulating a character’s style, Insert Coin provides a new way to achieve this with their latest additions. The attention to detail on the replica Joel jacket is outstanding, capturing the essence of the in-game design.

Whether fans aim to dress as Joel or simply desire a warm and comfortable jacket inspired by the iconic character, these new items offer a fitting way to commemorate ten years of The Last Of Us. Accompanying the Joel jacket is a blue hoodie featuring the unmistakable Fireflies logo, adding to the array of merchandise available in Insert Coin’s The Last Of Us collection.

This expansion offers fans the opportunity to further embrace the game’s distinctive style. Furthermore, for enthusiasts seeking to fully embody the characters, Insert Coin also offers a replica shirt worn by Joel in the game, providing an option for those looking to take their cosplay to the next level.

While Insert Coin excels at replicating video game looks, they acknowledge that growing a beard to complete the Joel ensemble is beyond their capabilities. In addition to the Joel-themed items, Insert Coin’s The Last Of Us line includes apparel inspired by Ellie, offering fans the chance to emulate her iconic style from the games.

This selection encompasses various garments she wears, such as her denim shirt and pink, white, and brown hoodie. Overall, the latest additions to Insert Coin’s The Last Of Us collection present a diverse range of options for fans to celebrate and embody the beloved characters from the game.

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