Getting Back into Fallout 76 Can Be Challenging

The Amazon show has introduced many new fans to the Fallout franchise, while reminding old fans of their love for it. Fallout 76 has defied expectations by receiving major updates and expansions, potentially earning it a new lease on life. Despite not being a hardcore fan, the writer has been following Fallout 76 since its release, from the beta to major expansions.

The game is now available across all platforms and on Xbox Game Pass, leading to a significant increase in player count. Returning to the game after several years, the writer found it challenging to reacquaint themselves with the mechanics and locations. There was no refresher tutorial or helpful tips, making it difficult to salvage their previous experience without starting a new game.

Bethesda has added the option to start immediately as a Level 20 character, bypassing the early grind and allowing players to jump right into late-game quests. However, the game’s reliance on robots and audio logs, as well as the lack of NPCs, deterred many players from sticking around. The writer hoped for a smoother transition back into the game but found it easier to cut their losses and quit once again.

Traversing the open world of Appalachia, building bases, surviving, and growing stronger is the essence of the game.

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