Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Remake Removes Chat Log

Fans have expressed their disappointment about the absence of a particular feature in the game on the Nintendo subreddit, stating that they are confused by its exclusion. Some have suggested a workaround, noting that players can use the in-built Switch capture function to record any missed dialogue. The absence of the feature has been frustrating for some players, with one Reddit user expressing the hope that it would become a standard inclusion in games. Another user with ADD and Tourette’s highlighted the frustration of accidentally skipping dialogue and how the chat log had resolved this issue for them.

A fan also mentioned that they occasionally skip through dialogue, finding it a little annoying but still functional. The workaround involves holding down the capture button while playing to save the last 30 seconds of gameplay, which likely includes the missed dialogue. Players can then pause and go through the frames to locate the skipped dialogue. While not automatic, this workaround provides a temporary solution for the issue.

The text ends with a brief mention of the game being an iconic adventure that transforms the traditional 2D format and takes Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom into the paper realm.

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