Parade Partners Rewards And Milestones In Monopoly Go

Monopoly Go hosts exciting Partner Events that add a layer of teamwork and collaboration to the classic board game. These events are quite different from the regular solo events and leaderboard tournaments available in the game. Each Partner event brings a fresh theme and tasks players to team up with their friends and build unique attractions on the board.

Shutdowns are a wickedly entertaining way to disrupt your opponent’s progress in Monopoly Go. Here’s how to play a Shutdown. The latest partners event in Monopoly Go is Parade Partners, where you and your teammates will work together to build four incredible parade floats.

Launching on April 26, 2024, the Parade Partners event will run for about five days till May 01, 2024. Parade Partners Rewards And Milestones

Sticking to tradition, each parade float in the Parade Partners event features five tiers of milestones. To complete these milestones and build one float, you and your partner will collectively need to earn 80,000 points.

This ultimately adds up to 320,000 points for four parade floats. As you hit each milestone, you can snag cool prizes like dice rolls, cash, sticker packs, and occasionally flash boosters. Those who manage to build all four parade floats in the Monopoly Go Parade Partners event can win the grand prize, which includes: 5,000 Free Dice Rolls and a Purple Sticker Pack that guarantees a 5-star sticker.

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