Persona 2 And 4 Remakes Being Developed, Says Leaker

Atlus has recently released the Persona 3 remake, Reload, updating the Y2K classic to be more in line with contemporary entries in the series. The game received a positive reception, achieving an aggregate score of 88 on Metacritic, sparking discussions about potential remakes for other titles in the series. According to a reliable source, @MbKKssTBhz5, remakes for Persona 2 and 4 are “both in the works at Atlus.”

Persona 4 originally launched on the PS2 in 2008, followed by an extended version called Golden, which was released four years later for the PS3 and subsequently ported to other platforms. Persona 2 consists of two games, Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment, both initially released on the original PlayStation. While Eternal Punishment received an English translation upon its PlayStation release, Innocent Sin had to wait 12 years for a PSP port to be translated.

As a result, there is currently no way to play Persona 2 with complete parity in English, making a remake an appealing prospect. Unlike Persona 3 and 4, which are both available on Xbox Game Pass, the first two games in the series are not currently accessible on modern or last-gen consoles. Revelations: Persona, which debuted in 1996, is only available on PS3, PS Vita, PSP, and the PlayStation Classic.

Persona 2 faces a similar situation, requiring a PSP copy of Innocent Sin and a PlayStation copy of Eternal Punishment to play in English. However, the prospect of a remake potentially changes the accessibility of these titles. The plans for Persona 2 and 4 remakes remain uncertain, and it may be a few years before they come to fruition.

There is currently limited information available, but Atlus has other games in the pipeline to look forward to in the meantime.

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