Pikachu Plush by Pokémon based on Van Gogh’s art now available again.

The sought-after plush that sold out almost immediately in 2023, Pokemon’s Van Gogh Pikachu, is now back in stock at the Pokemon Center. The plush’s first run sold out almost immediately, and interested buyers are urged to act quickly to secure one this time around. Despite being more than a quarter of a century old, Pokemon continues to surprise with its crossover ideas. The hype for its products remains strong, as evidenced by the quick sellout of the Van Gogh Pikachu plush.

This reflects the enduring popularity of the Pokemon franchise and the continued success of its crossover products. Modeled after the sought-after card, the Van Gogh Pikachu plush is back in stock after quickly selling out last year. This presents a new opportunity for fans to acquire the plush for their collections. With the plush now available, individuals can add it to their collection or start a new one.

The Van Gogh Pikachu plush can be purchased at the Pokemon Center. In addition to the return of the Van Gogh Pikachu plush, Pokemon has introduced a new, larger plush in the form of Jumbo Slowpoke, measuring 59 inches long, and retailing for $450 at the Pokemon Center. This plush is based on the size of the Pokemon as depicted in the games, according to its Pokedex entry. These recent releases continue to expand the range of Pokemon plushes available for fans to enjoy and collect.

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