Pre-Order Guide for Physical Re-Release of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Limited Run Games has announced the physical re-release of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Far Cry series. This collaboration with Ubisoft offers the game with additional features and items not previously available. The physical version will be exclusive to Limited Run from April 19, 2024, until May 19, 2024. The re-release includes a reversible cover and an instruction booklet, reminiscent of the gaming industry’s older practices.

The PC version comes with extra items, making it slightly more expensive than the console edition. The Collector’s Edition includes a two-story playset, action figures, a functioning VHS tape, a USB cassette tape with the game’s soundtrack, as well as other retro-inspired extras. In addition to the re-release, Limited Run is also launching an exclusive line of new Blood Dragon-inspired merchandise, available for pre-order starting from April 19, 2024. These items include clothing, toys, collectibles, and more, all reflecting the game’s retro aesthetics.

Pre-orders for both the new merchandise and the physical re-release are open for one month before the collection is no longer available. The expected shipping date for the items is September of 2024. For FAQ, there’s no need to play Far Cry 3 before Blood Dragon, as their stories are unrelated. Blood Dragon takes approximately four and a half hours to complete, and the plot revolves around the character Rex Colt’s mission to stop his former commander from using dragon blood for a nefarious purpose.

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