Preview of Dungeons in Hinterberg

The game Dungeons of Hinterberg is set in a modern-day environment but has a classic feel. The player explores the Germanic town and its surrounding hillsides as a tourist, and is caught in an earthquake during a training mission. The earthquake limits the player’s ability to explore dungeons, providing a challenge for lower-level players.

The game features a simple rhythm where the player can explore dungeons, meditate by a lake, or participate in activities that boost their stats. As the player progresses, they unlock different regions with distinct themes, each accompanied by a set of unique dungeons. However, the rest of the game outside the dungeons feels somewhat empty, with limited quests and fairly shallow combat mechanics.

The game understands its strengths and emphasizes puzzle-solving over combat. The main story takes place in the town of Hinterberg, where the player can interact with different characters to boost their stats. The quests in the town are mostly fetch quests or simple interaction missions.

The game’s aesthetic is described as ugly but unique, with bright and bold colors that add character to the Germanic setting. The monsters and enemies have a gothic and original feel to them, adding freshness to the game’s design. The player expresses excitement about discovering more in Dungeons of Hinterberg, particularly within the dungeons, despite the perceived limitations of the game’s overall depth.

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