Preview of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Remake: Origami Excellence

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is a game that has always fascinated me. I have often gazed at it longingly through the windows of CEX stores, believing that its high price must indicate its quality. As a novice to the Paper Mario series, this game represents my first foray into the world of origami.

The most striking aspect of the game is its visual appeal. Despite not having played the original, I believe it would still hold up well after all these years. On the OLED screen, Mario’s two-dimensional adventures look fantastic.

The transitions in the game, such as the unfurling of walls as you enter new areas, are particularly captivating and enhance the overall experience. One surprising aspect of the game is its departure from traditional platforming, instead opting for turn-based combat in an RPG format. The tactical depth of the battles pleasantly surprised me, offering a challenge that is somewhat rare in modern Mario games.

The boss battles, however, felt a bit underwhelming compared to the regular combat encounters. The game’s combat system is complex, featuring special attacks, combos, and a variety of utilities and badges to enhance Mario’s abilities. The writing in the game is brilliant, featuring humor, fourth-wall breaking, and even touching on darker subjects.

The script brings out the personalities of the characters, despite the absence of voice work. While the game offers a satisfying challenge, the platforming can be difficult due to technical issues and an annoying delay after inputs. The levels also involve a lot of backtracking, which can affect the overall enjoyment of exploration.

However, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is a wonderfully presented RPG that provides hours of entertainment. The Switch remake has made it more accessible than ever, further enhancing its appeal.

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