Ratchet & Clank Should Join PS Plus Classics Next

The addition of Daxter to the library marked the first time in the series’ history that this PSP spin-off had been available for play. However, an obvious omission from the library is Ratchet & Clank, which stands out as the sole surviving mascot platformer from the PS2 era amid Sony’s transition towards gritty, cinematic, third-person adventures. Despite the absence of Ratchet & Clank games, recent additions of classic titles to modern consoles have been well-received.

However, for fans introduced to the series through the newest game, the only viable option aside from a stable internet connection is the 2016 reboot-slash-movie tie-in, which failed to resonate with fans and newcomers alike. Although Sony lacks a PS3 emulator, it has successfully incorporated PS2 and PSP games into its catalog, offering plenty of Ratchet & Clank titles. For those with a good internet connection, it is recommended not to overlook games such as Tools of Destruction, A Crack in Time, and Into the Nexus, as they stand out as some of the greatest 3D platformers available.

The original PS2 trilogy, which includes titles like Going Commando and Up Your Arsenal, remain highlights of the series, along with Deadlocked, the last PS2 game that attempted to take the series in a more mature direction. Additionally, the two PSP spin-offs—Secret Agent Clank and Size Matters—are now available on PS4/PS5, allowing fans to play them in their original form on the original hardware. Given the inclusion of all six Jak games in the Classics Catalogue, it seems feasible for Ratchet & Clank titles to also eventually become available.

Fans eagerly await a sequel and would gladly dive into the series’ past while anticipating the next installment. The resurgence of classic platformers, including Astro Bot, highlights a revived interest in the genre, although Ratchet & Clank, the only long-standing mascot to have survived generations, appears to have been left behind. There is hope that this situation will change in the future.

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