Release Date for Fallout London on Consoles Not Confirmed by Project Leader

The project lead for Fallout London has confirmed that the fan game will not be available on consoles due to its large file size. The game currently has a size of around 30 to 40 gigabytes, making it too big to launch on Nexus Mods. As a result, the game will be distributed through GOG.

Despite mods being fully supported on Xbox platforms, Fallout London will not be coming to consoles due to its large file size, as stated by project lead Dean Carter. The game’s release is being indefinitely delayed due to Fallout 4’s current-gen update, which is set to launch just two days after the initially planned release date, potentially breaking the mod upon launch. Carter stated, “We aren’t able to bring the mod to console platforms… we can’t do it.”

Carter continued by suggesting that changes would have to be made on Bethesda’s end for the mod to work, expressing disappointment that the new update would not accommodate the mod’s large size. The game is too big for Xbox systems and Fallout London’s release is ruled out completely for PlayStation due to Sony’s restrictive stance on console modding. It was also noted that the game is too large for Nexus Mods, leading to its launch through GOG and availability for those who own Fallout 4 on Steam and Epic Games Store.

Fallout London is an ambitious fan project set to take place in London within the Fallout 4 game. It will introduce a new character, The Wayfarer, and feature a map roughly the same size as Fallout 4’s. The game will explore new factions fighting for control in London and the aftermath of the Great War in the UK.

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