Resident Evil 9 Faces Internal Delays, According to Reports

The original plan for the release of Resident Evil 9 was intended for 2024 with the game being released in 2025. However, recent reports suggest a change in this plan, indicating that another game in the series might be revealed before Resident Evil 9.

AestheticGamer1, also known as Dusk Golem, an insider at Capcom, revealed that Resident Evil 9 may have experienced an internal delay. The specifics of this delay were uncertain, with the potential timing of the release being described as “could be Sumnmer, could be later”.

It was disclosed by AestheticGamer1 that the original plan, a few years back, was to reveal the game in 2024 and release it in 2025. However, this timeline could now have been postponed, with rumors circulating about an internal delay affecting Resident Evil 9 due to “one reason or another”.

Although this delay might raise concerns, Dusk Golem mentioned that delays are common in the Resident Evil franchise. Additionally, it was suggested that another game in the series might be announced and released prior to Resident Evil 9.

However, confidence in this assertion was not definitive, and caution was advised until an official statement is made.

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