Ryo Hazuki’s Shenmue Jacket Now Sold at Insert Coin

Insert Coin has added a range of Shenmue merchandise to its website. The standout item from this new line is a replica of Ryo Hazuki’s jacket, featuring the same tiger design as seen in the games.

This new addition follows the recent releases of Cyberpunk and Witcher lines, as well as a jacket inspired by The Last Of Us. The Shenmue jacket is notable for its bold and game-accurate design, making it a standout piece for fans of the series.

In addition to the Shenmue jacket, Insert Coin offers a pin featuring the same design, providing fans with an alternative way to show their love for the series. The website is continually expanding its collection of official video game merchandise, with items ranging from Persona 5 tracksuits to Overwatch rugs.

For customers seeking a more flamboyant option, the Goro Majima jacket with an intricate tattoo design is also available on the site. This item caters to fans of Like A Dragon, offering a striking alternative to the Shenmue jacket.

With the ever-growing variety of video game-inspired clothing and accessories, Insert Coin has something for every gaming enthusiast.

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