Should I Just Rewatch House Of The Dragon’s First Season?

When I first discovered Game of Thrones back in 2012, I had trouble getting into it. The sheer number of houses, characters, and locations was overwhelming, and it wasn’t until 2016 when I started living with people who watched it religiously that I gave it another chance and finally got hooked. Despite not watching the show for years, the characters had somehow ingrained themselves in my subconscious, and when I resumed watching, I easily understood their relationships and roles. However, with House of the Dragon, the time away has proven to be challenging.

While I loved the first season when it debuted in 2022, the expertise I gained during that time has faded in the nearly two years since its release. Although I remember the main characters and conflict well, the minor characters and numerous children in blonde wigs are escaping my memory. In House of the Dragon, some characters are taking center stage, making them easier to remember. Aegon, Viserys’ and Alicent’s eldest son, for example, alternates between being a generous ruler and an impetuous teen, and his actions have left a lasting impression.

Likewise, his brother Aemond’s role in escalating the conflict between the Greens and the Blacks into a war has made a significant impact. However, there are many other characters on the periphery that I struggle to remember, such as Alicent’s twin children and her older sister with prophetic powers. The introduction of new characters, like Rhaenyra’s eldest son, Jacaerys, adds to the challenge, especially when combined with the years that have passed since the first season. I don’t consider this a critique of the show; rather, it’s a common challenge with long-running series.

While streaming makes it easy to catch up, the abundance of content can make it hard to justify rewatching hours of a show. Therefore, I may opt to invest time now in familiarizing myself with the characters to avoid confusion and interruptions during the rest of the season.

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