Single-Player Games Should Never Have Season Passes

Massive is working on the first open world game in this iconic universe, featuring scoundrel Kay Vess instead of a Jedi. She embraces stealth, firearms, cool vehicles, and rising above those in the galaxy who want to keep people like her down.

The game includes a season pass, which may seem normal, but it has been a point of contention for years. Ubisoft, the worst offender, is known for its Standard, Gold, and Ultimate editions with increasingly high pricing structures and various types of content.

The editions for Star Wars Outlaws cost $70, $110, and $130, without factoring in potential microtransactions. Following launch, these editions are often heavily discounted, leaving those who purchased at full price feeling cheated.

Ubisoft targets a demographic that falls for these marketing tactics, and it appears to be working. The mention of a season pass makes me skeptical about the base game’s quality and the timeline for the extra content.

I prefer bespoke expansions that contribute to the game’s unique experience, instead of feeling like a monetary necessity. It’s disappointing that games like Star Wars Outlaws feel the need to nickel and dime consumers before they even start playing.

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