Skyrim Streamer Gets Twitch Chat to Voice Each Character – Engaging Gameplay Strategy

Fans are already using this power to have characters speak in memes, crack jokes, and make some slightly inappropriate comments. Blurbs also goes on to show fans that if an NPC dies in the game, the Twitch user connected to them is banned, creating a fun yet cursed Skyrim playthrough. Skyrim is a pretty old game right now, if you don’t count the one billion times Bethesda has re-released it.

Most of Blurbs’ interactions with other NPCs are just as cursed, with one Whiterun guard becoming a Raid: Shadow Legends sponsor, a child voiced by “YuriOnTwitch” asking Blurbs if he wants some drugs, and far too many people commenting on the size of his character’s member. In fact, the only interaction with a character that isn’t cursed ends up with Blurbs kicking a small child in the face, so that’s the level of strangeness you should expect. One other very interesting interaction that can also take place is when characters die.

As Blurbs puts it, “if you die in the game, you die for real”. All of this combined has made for what is essentially a Skyrim playthrough in which pretty much anything can happen, and Blurbs is a braver man than I for giving Twitch fans free rein to voice characters. Until then, expect to hear plenty more cursed memes from the likes of Ulfric Stormcloak.

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