Solving Today’s Connections Puzzle – March 2 Solution #265

The New York Times’s Connections game presents a new puzzle wall to solve each day. If you need hints to save your streak or to nail down the last category, we’ve got you covered. Our selection of indie titles offers innovative and original puzzle-solving games.

You’ll find everything you need, from vague hints to outright answers, to help you succeed in the game. Today’s puzzle is rather fun, with hints presented from the easiest category to the hardest: Yellow, Green, Blue, and then Purple. The category hints provide clues without revealing the actual names of the categories.

The yellow category includes elements of spycraft, mystique, mystery, and shadows. The green category relates to the spoken or written form, sometimes rhyming. The blue category concerns actions used when saying something outright isn’t appropriate, and the purple category involves a letter and its various possible meanings.

As for the answers, today’s puzzle is not overly tricky but may require some time to figure out. There are a few tricky clues, but nothing that’s considered a true red herring. If you find yourself in need of the answers for March 1, you can click on a provided link.

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