Spider-Man Blue Funko Pops Now Available in Marvel Collector Corps Boxes

The Marvel Collector Corps subscription service has been around for almost a decade, releasing themed boxes filled with items made by Funko and Loungefly. The contents of each box remain a mystery until they are revealed upon arrival.

The January 2024 box featured a Spider-Man Blue theme, including two exclusive Funko Pops and a long-sleeved t-shirt. Now, the contents of this box have been revealed, and it is available for purchase without a subscription via Amazon, the exclusive carrier of Marvel’s Collector Corps boxes.

The box is available in various sizes, from extra small to 3XL, and can be purchased for $39.99. While the price is slightly higher than the subscription cost of $29.99 per box, it is the only way to acquire the exclusive Spider-Man and Gwen Stacey Funko Pops without paying an inflated price at a later date.

The next mystery box theme has been announced as Captain America: Brave New World, with strong connections to the existing MCU. The box can be added to the cart through the provided links and further purchased by completing the checkout process.

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