Star Wars Outlaws Season Pass Paywalls Jabba Mission” rewritten as “Purchase the Star Wars Outlaws Season Pass to Access Jabba Mission

Star Wars Outlaws requires players to have a season pass in order to access the mission Jabba’s Gambit at launch. This requirement is part of the game bundles that cost $109.99 or $129.99, effectively locking out those who purchase the $70 base game. This decision has sparked backlash as it essentially gates premium content behind more expensive editions and a season pass, including a mission centered around Jabba the Hutt.

According to the Ubisoft website, players will need to pay either $109.99 or $129.99 to access Jabba’s Gambit on launch day, as it is not included in the $69.99 base game. The season pass not only grants access to future DLC but also restricts players with the base game from accessing a mission from the very first day of launch. The description of the season pass-exclusive mission involves Kay receiving a job from Jabba the Hutt, indicating that the season pass will also provide unique cosmetics for certain characters.

Additionally, the season pass promises access to “two additional narrative expansions” post-launch, although details about these expansions are currently unknown. While it’s not uncommon for Ubisoft to implement such practices, the announcement has reignited criticism against day one DLC in single-player games. The decision comes at a time when the gaming community is scrutinizing microtransactions and season passes, often associated with live service games.

The move to withhold content that is ready for launch day from those who do not purchase the season pass has sparked further discontent. Star Wars Outlaws is set to launch on August 30, with those who purchase the premium editions gaining early access on August 27 along with the season pass and extra cosmetic items.

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