Stardew Valley’s Latest Update (1.6.4) Now Available for PC

The latest patch for Stardew Valley, patch 1.6.4, brings a variety of new content, including balance changes, translation improvements, and quality of life additions. Barone has focused on adding new mine layouts and volcano mine layouts after reaching the bottom of the mines, along with fish frenzies and a special cutscene for helping neighbors grow their families. Additionally, players can now make fish tanks fancier with non-fish items and access mystery boxes and golden mystery boxes at the Raccoon Shop.

In terms of quality of life changes, the patch addresses some frustrating elements of the game. For instance, flopping fish no longer fall back into ponds after being reeled in, and napalm rings will no longer damage farm property, only area monsters. Various fixes have been implemented, such as preventing pets from disappearing and addressing issues with fishing splash zones, ore pan points, and the prize ticket machine.

Players can also check if the level 100 mines stardrop has been acquired. For detailed notes, refer to the full patch notes. Overall, patch 1.6.4 brings a range of enhancements and new content to enhance the Stardew Valley gameplay experience.

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