Stellar Blade Will Judge You For Staring At Eve For Too Long

The developer of Stellar Blade, Shift Up, anticipated that players would have less than wholesome intentions towards the character Eve. As a result, they incorporated a little surprise into the game for players who stare at her for too long.

When caught staring, Eve will look directly into the camera and give a dirty or creepy look. Stellar Blade, developed by Shift Up and PlayStation, has garnered attention for its captivating world and dynamic combat.

However, Eve’s character and provocative outfits have also been a significant focal point in the game’s discussions, both before and after its release. It’s clear that her appearance has been a draw for many players.

Reddit users have shared examples of Eve’s reaction when players ogle her in the game. One user noted that Eve gives a subtle sideways glance when caught staring, while another described how Eve locks her gaze with a stern and unsettling expression, effectively warning the player to stop.

This behavior from the character is reminiscent of similar instances in other games, such as Death Stranding, where the character Sam reacts aggressively when players try to view a certain part of his body, and Nier: Automata, where the character 2B reprimands players for being a creep. However, the latter example was met with mixed feelings due to its associated achievement/trophy.

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