Stop Creating Conflict Between Queer Characters: A Call for Unity

Venture and Clove are both important non-binary characters in the hero shooter genre. Their representation in video games is a positive step towards inclusivity for the LGBTQ+ community. Comparing non-binary characters only perpetuates division and toxic behavior in gaming communities. Embracing the diverse ways in which non-binary characters are portrayed helps to broaden understanding of gender fluidity.

While there is still progress to be made in the real world for LGBTQ+ rights, it is encouraging to see improved queer representation in video games. The addition of Venture to Overwatch as a non-binary hero has been well received. The community has embraced Venture as a non-binary character who loves to explore caves and eat rocks. The character is authentically cast, with Valeria Rodriguez providing their voice.

Venture has become a firm favorite for many players due to their identity and relatability. Similarly, a non-binary character debuted in the popular shooter game Valorant. Debates over which non-binary character is the “best” contradict the fluidity that non-binary identities represent. Non-binary individuals do not fit squarely into society’s traditional gender expectations.

It’s important to respect non-binary individuals regardless of how they present themselves. Each person’s non-binary identity should be honored without projecting expectations onto them. Pitting non-binary characters against each other only widens the divide and perpetuates toxicity within gaming communities. Venture and Clove are both strong representations of non-binary identity, and one is not superior to the other.

It is beneficial when characters of this nature embrace a variety of expressions, as it showcases the diversity of non-binary identity. Ultimately, non-binary identities should not be confined to strict boxes, and they should not be turned against each other. In the gaming world, diversity and representation are essential. The addition of non-binary characters is a positive step, and it contributes to creating inclusive and welcoming spaces within gaming communities.

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