Subnautica Excels in Both Survival and Survival Horror Gaming

In survival horror, the threat typically arises from entities external to the player, such as a Xenomorph or a killer. Conversely, survival games often feature internal tension as players strive to meet their own needs against the harsh environment.

However, Subnautica effortlessly blends both genres, encompassing the conquering nature of survival and the abject terror of survival horror. In the game, initial dives into the ocean of Planet 456B are relatively simple, with no prominent threats.

However, as players navigate the depths, they must contend with complex survival challenges, including limited oxygen, viral infections, and water pressure. The game encourages players not only to survive but also to thrive, offering opportunities to expand and explore the environment.

As players progress, they encounter increasingly menacing enemies, which alter the tone of the game. Subnautica skillfully transitions from an idyllic seascape to a place of genuine horror, where players must confront their deepest fears.

The game’s underwater setting provides a sense of familiarity, even though water levels in other games can instill fear. However, the game’s utilization of large, terrifying creatures serves as a constant reminder of the player’s vulnerability.

Subnautica presents a creeping, gut-wrenching fear that intensifies as players encounter larger enemies and explore deeper waters. Notably, the game eschews cheap scares, creating an organic and natural sense of horror that stems from the game’s ecosystem.

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