Solving Today’s Connections Puzzle – February 15 Solution #249

The New York Times’s Connections game presents a new and challenging puzzle wall to solve each day. If you’re striving to maintain your winning streak and need help with a specific category, we’ve got all the hints you require. Additionally, if you’re a fan of inventive puzzle-solving games, our collection of indie titles is sure to satisfy your craving.

You’ll find everything you need, from vague hints to outright answers, to guide and support you in your game. Today’s puzzle includes two particularly tricky categories, presented in order of difficulty: Yellow, Green, Blue, then Purple. If you require hints for today’s categories, they are provided below without revealing the category names, nudging you in the right direction.

For the yellow category, consider activities related to something significant, such as your heart rate or finances. The green category focuses on very small minerals, while the blue category contains symbols commonly found in the kitchen. Lastly, the purple category pertains to a musical theme which may either be familiar to you or left over at the end of the puzzle.

When it comes to the green category, it’s important to consider your options and avoid letting it become a distraction or red herring in solving the puzzle. Today’s puzzle can be quite challenging, especially if you don’t immediately discern the most difficult category. If you need today’s answers, click here.

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