Persona 3 Taught Me the Acceptance of Difficult Farewells

Saying goodbye to someone is never easy. Persona 3 is a story about death, not just in the traditional sense, but also in a metaphysical way.

It’s about the death of one’s old self, allowing a new one to emerge. The author had experienced a phase where they were struggling with their mental health before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

This period provided them with the time to confront their inner demons and undergo a transformative process. It was a difficult journey, but it allowed them to emerge as a different person, realizing that their previous lifestyle was unsustainable.

The author draws parallel between their personal experiences and those of the characters in Persona 3. They specifically relate to the dynamics between Akihiko and Shinjiro, finding similarities in their own relationships.

The author expresses their discomfort with the attempt of their old friend to pull them back into a past they had outgrown. They assert their right to make their own decisions and live according to their own feelings.

The author reflects on the evolving dynamics of their friendship, acknowledging that they and their friend were growing in different directions. They admit that despite being labeled as “best friends,” their relationship had changed over the years and they were no longer the same people they were in their youth.

The author realizes that not everyone who starts a journey with us will stay till the end. They emphasize that personal growth may not always be smooth or attractive, but it is possible.

The author finds solace in Persona 3, feeling more alive than ever and understanding that growth is an essential part of life.

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