Supergiant requests that Hades 2 players refrain from sharing leaked content.

After a couple of hours with Supergiant’s sequel, I cannot wait for early access to arrive. While the Technical Test has more than enough content to keep Hades fans happy until the full Early Access release starts (including a hint at what has happened to Zag), it seems that the test’s files were hiding a few more things that Supergiant Games would rather players discover on their own later in the game’s life. Since the Technical Test released the other day, Hades 2 fans have been able to dive into the game’s files and uncover content that isn’t currently in the game, like a handful of Gods who will presumably either offer Melinoe Boons or show up to battle her as she goes about on her journey.

Although none of the leaks going around right now are too spoilery (which I can confirm as someone who saw them floating around), Supergiant Games has still asked fans to not share them around and requested that anyone who has posted the datamined content to take them down so they can still be a surprise to fans in the Early Access release. “Hey, we wanted to ask if you’d be willing to delete this tweet containing data-mined content from Hades 2. It was our mistake to include content in the build that wasn’t meant to be revealed yet, and we know no harm was intended by posting it or anything like that.

This is just an example of something we hoped players would discover in the Early Access version. Even still, Supergiant requests that anyone who has shared the content (it seems a few Twitter users received a similar message) takes it down as they want it to be a surprise for the Early Access launch of the game, instead of being shown during the Technical Test that not many players can even get into right now.

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