Tekken 8 Fans Are Fed Up with Azucena Constantly Talking About Coffee

Reina is a new character in Tekken 8, and her addition to the roster has been well-received. However, fans have expressed disappointment in Azucena’s singular focus on coffee, with her fighting style being overshadowed by her constant references to the drink.

This has led to some dissatisfaction among fans, with one Redditor expressing disappointment in the representation of Peru through Azucena’s character. The story mode hints at a potentially darker side to Azucena, as she aligns herself with Kazuya to further her business interests.

This could have added depth to her character, but it seems to always come back to her love for coffee and business expansion. While there may be more to Azucena than initially appears, fans are becoming weary of the one-dimensional portrayal.

Despite this, her popularity in Tekken 8 suggests that she may continue to be a part of future games, raising hopes for potential developments in her character.

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