The Equinox 2024 Secret Lair Superdrop – MTG: A Comprehensive Overview

This week is a big one for Fallout fans, with the release of the long-anticipated Amazon series. In addition, Magic: The Gathering is offering three Secret Lair drops featuring its famous Vault Boy mascot.

Secret Lair is a direct-to-consumer service offering exclusive cards for a limited time only. The Equinox 2024 Superdrop offers six limited-time releases with eyecatching art and noteworthy reprints.

The first drop brings Vault Boy to Magic, featuring four reprinted cards with Fallout-themed art. Notable cards include Sphere of Resistance, Winter Orb, and Trinisphere.

Additionally, the Fabled Passage and seven cards representing the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats from Fallout are featured.

The second drop features more than five cards, a rarity, with each card being useful in high-profile Commander decks. The third drop, Diabolical Dioramas, includes four cards with stunningly unique art style.

The last drop, Artist Series, offers cards with monochromatic blue art inspired by tarot, as well as Faerie-themed art. Bundles are available to purchase the drops at a discounted price.

The Fallout drops are bundled with the non-Fallout ones, and the first three bundles include an exclusive version of Ignoble Hierarch.

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