The Hilariously Stupid Battle Over Attractive Characters in Gaming Culture

The author begins by expressing difficulty in choosing the most ridiculous aspect of the gaming culture war, eventually settling on the controversy over hot characters in video games. They mention the upcoming game “Stellar Blade” and its character Eve, emphasizing the absurdity of the debate surrounding her appearance. The author points out that the “Stellar Blade” debate is mostly one-sided and discusses the assumption that people must be angry about the character Eve.

They argue that the online community does not seem to be upset about this issue, and they express their own indifference as well. Additionally, the author delves into the phenomenon of fans assuming that a character not explicitly made for them is an attack on them, referencing the controversy over Abby in “The Last Of Us Part 2.” They criticize the idea that a conventionally attractive female character is seen as a victory for certain fans, emphasizing the disconnect between the creators and the audience.

The author goes on to highlight the prevalence of attractive video game characters and discusses the lack of widespread anger over them. They also dismiss the idea that having a hot character in a game is rebellious and criticize the focus on others’ reactions as the sole basis for excitement. In conclusion, the author ridicules the obsession with hot characters in video games and the underlying motivations behind the controversy, dismissing it as inconsequential and driven by shortsighted and reactive viewpoints.

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