The Kansas City Chiefs are now immortalized as Super Bowl winners with their own Barbie.

Bad news for San Francisco 49ers fans, as Mattel has canceled pre-orders for the team’s Barbie and other themed products after the team’s loss in the Super Bowl. Before the big game, Mattel had announced plans to release Barbies, Little People sets, and UNO cards featuring the Big Game winner. However, only the Kansas City Chiefs’ collection will be produced, leaving 49ers fans disappointed.

The limited edition Kansas City Chiefs Barbie is available for pre-order until February 25, 2024, featuring brown hair, black face paint, and a Chiefs jersey. Mattel had also created a San Francisco 49ers Barbie, but it will not be available for purchase. In addition to the Barbie, Mattel also produced Little People sets and UNO cards for the winning team.

Pre-orders for the Chiefs’ Little People set and UNO cards are still open until the same date, with the set featuring three Chiefs players and a special edition Touchdown card in the UNO deck. Overall, only the winning team’s themed products will be released, leaving 49ers fans with no choice but to come to terms with the cancellation of their team’s Barbie and other themed items.

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