The Knuckles Show Features Iblis From Sonic ’06.

The Knuckles show has made a surprising reference to Iblis from the game Sonic ’06, marking its first appearance in years. The Sonic ’06 game was poorly received at launch, and the Sonic series has generally avoided making callbacks to it. However, the Knuckles TV series has broken this trend by featuring a reference to the antagonist, Iblis.

The reference to Iblis was noticed by a Twitter user who has compiled a thread on various references and Easter eggs in the Knuckles show. The series contains numerous references, including lesser-known ones. While Sonic ’06 is infamous among fans, more casual viewers and younger fans may not be aware of its negative impact on the franchise.

This marks Iblis’ first appearance since being mentioned in Super Smash Bros. Brawl in 2008. Sonic ’06 is also known as Sonic the Hedgehog, but it is commonly referred to as Sonic ’06 to avoid confusion with the series’ 15th-anniversary launch in 2006. However, the Knuckles show has received a mixed reception online.

It was criticized for focusing on human characters instead of the titular echidna, Knuckles. Fans were disappointed with the lack of emphasis on Knuckles in the series.

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