The Planet of the Apes Kingdom proves the success of the Zelda movie.

The text discusses the potential influence of the video game Horizon Zero Dawn on the upcoming Zelda movie. It mentions the director, Ball, who is set to direct the Zelda movie.

The writer expresses hope for the Zelda movie to be great, drawing comparisons to the Super Mario Bros movie and emphasizing the importance of having another great movie in the world. The text then discusses the similarities between the Planet of the Apes series and the Zelda movie, highlighting how Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes introduces new elements and character relationships.

The writer emphasizes the importance of balancing tenderness and action sequences for the Zelda movie, reflecting on the enduring success of the Apes movies. It includes a brief plot summary, stating that Link and Princess Zelda must team up to rid Hyrule of a threat.

The text also delves into the setting and themes of the Planet of the Apes series, emphasizing the simple yet enduring tale of families clustered together to survive. It praises the portrayal of character relationships in the Apes movies and suggests that Ball has proven himself capable of handling similar complexities in the Zelda movie.

The text concludes by acknowledging the significance of the Apes movies and expressing confidence in Ball’s ability to do justice to the Zelda story.

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