The Sims 5 Mobile Build Leaks with Alleged DRM, according to Reports

A Reddit user recently claimed to have acquired a leaked 2022 mobile playtest of The Sims 5. The user has a history of sharing cracked games and reported that the game will utilize controversial Denuvo DRM technology despite being free-to-play. This is likely due to planned paid DLC. The DRM requires authentication to play, which could be harmful for preservation, as game access becomes impossible if the authentication servers go down.

The user also shared two alleged screenshots from the game, showcasing the leaked apartments discussed in 2022. The screenshots highlight the editable part of the building in a light purple color and show the inside of the building with individual, customizable rooms. The playtest reportedly focuses on building rather than Sims, with construction and furniture menus separated. It appears that only the interior of the apartments can be customized, as there is no option to change the exterior.

The screenshots also reveal an “Apartment selection” button, indicating that more options may be available beyond the one that was leaked. Players can find player-created furniture through the Discovering button and Maxis-created furniture through the Buy button. The user mentioned that the UI looks similar to The Sims 4 but noted that it could be a placeholder. The series is known for its extensive library of DLC expansions, covering various themes including school life, fame, and celebrity.

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