Top Sanrio Stationery Products

Sanrio is known for creating the iconic Hello Kitty character, but the company also features a variety of other adorable characters, such as Pompompurin and Badtz-Maru. These characters appear in various media and products, including stationery and accessories.

One popular stationery product is the Sanrio 12-Piece Assorted Character Stationery and Accessory Set, which includes pens, pencils, erasers, notepads, and cases. The associated characters on each piece are randomly chosen, adding an element of surprise to the unboxing experience.

The Sanrio Hello Kitty 2024 Sheet Calendar features Hello Kitty and friends on the banner of each month, with different themes and activities. It comes with a plastic transparent stand and a page of stickers for tracking, marking, or decoration.

The collaboration between Sanrio and Pentel brings EnerGel pens adorned with Sanrio characters, providing a smooth writing experience and quick-drying ink. Additionally, the Hello Kitty & Friends x Erin Condren Kids Planner & Activity Book features activities, stickers, and quote pages, designed with kids in mind to encourage organization and self-reliance at an early age.

Another popular product is the Sanrio Hello Kitty and Friends 1500+ Super Cute Stickers, a massive pack of over 1500 stickers featuring various Sanrio characters. The sticker pack also includes alphabet stickers for freeform spelling and other fun kawaii decorations.

Sanrio has created over 450 unique characters, with Hello Kitty being the most popular. The word “Sanrio” is derived from the Spanish words “San Rio,” which translates to “Saint River” in English, reflecting the company’s founding idea of creating a peaceful culture and promoting friendship.

In conclusion, Sanrio offers a wide range of products featuring its beloved characters, providing fans with adorable and functional items for various needs.

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