The Stamp holds the key to the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy.

The character of Stamp is a significant and iconic part of the world in Final Fantasy 7. In the years since, he has been reclaimed by AVALANCHE and now helps guide them past deadly checkpoints and traps.

However, Stamp is also used to spread lies to the populace, serving as a cute and relatable figure to convey information that people may find more palatable coming from a dog rather than an authority figure. New details from the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Ultimania book reveal that Stamp and his various appearances represent different universes within the Remake Trilogy’s expanding metaverse.

It is suggested that there are six distinct universes or timelines, and so far, only two of them have been seen. Stamp’s changing appearances serve as a means to identify the universe or timeline the story is currently in, though there is a possibility of deception or manipulation through his portrayal.

Stamp’s presence extends beyond being a mere underground graffiti symbol, as he is featured on various products. Knowing the significance of Stamp’s altered states in representing different universes and timelines will make it easier to comprehend the unfolding narrative.

In the context of the Final Fantasy 7 narrative, the futuristic and complex nature of alternate universes is highlighted, making it a challenging concept to grasp. The utilization of Stamp’s character as a familiar reference point serves as a deliberate, yet effective, method of making the multiverse concept more accessible and understandable.

The broader storyline of Final Fantasy 7 revolves around the character of Cloud Strife and his journey with AVALANCHE as they seek to save the planet from the malevolent Sephiroth. As the party leaves Midgar and the devastated Shinra Corporation behind, their paths forward are uncertain.

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